Mega Software Technology Pakistan – Mega Software Technology Pakistan is a boutique services provider of web, games and applications based in Holland. We have recognized that there are no shortcuts to success.

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We adopt innovative techniques for software development to help you expand your business.


Our Services

Mega Software Technologies designs and builds custom software that drives revenue and efficiency for growing businesses.

Web Development

We use modern techniques for Web Development. Look and feel of a website can be important but it is the quality of the build that defines sustainability and success. Our team of developers put maximum efforts to make a website smooth and error-free.

App Development

Smart Phones and Tablets are an essential part of our daily life. These devices create amazing opportunities for businesses to expand exponentially and improve their operations. At Mega Software, we have extensive skills and experience to develop custom applications.

Software Development

Computers have become a vital part of organizations these days. They play an important role in all business operations and dealings. Business software organizes all the information that leads to time-saving and increment in productivity. If you have a novel idea for a web-based software, we at Mega Software would turn that idea into reality.

Game Development

According to some surveys, the gaming industry generates more revenue than the music & film industry combined. Game Development is a complex series of designing, development and concept generation. Our dedicated team develops games from scratch using the latest tools and technologies according to your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The answer is Yes, everything we build is custom made. We develop everything from scratch, from the design all way to the administration area where you manage your website by yourself.

You do not have to be tech-savvy or have some knowledge about software development. That is where we come in. If you happened to have any knowledge that is well and good, but even if you don’t, you can leave that to us.

The first step would be talking to us. If you do not have the development experience, you can take our services. Tell us about your idea and we will turn that into reality.

We use various tools for game development. Unity is one of the most popular tools that is used for game development. Game designing and development are two different things: designers create the designs and environments of the game whereas developers do the coding.

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