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Tech-savvy or Tech Dependency? Which side are you on Tech-savvy or tech dependency?

Tech-savvy or tech dependency? This is a rather debatable question. Many us consider themselves tech-savvy but in reality, they are just addicted to their phones. Our dependence on smartphones has gone too far. We are tech-dependent with our health, our work, our lifestyle, and yes, even with our driving. But what does that make you? A tech-savvy or tech-dependent? There is a lot of misconception. According to various surveys, 90% of the people ages 18

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How VR is emerging as the most beneficial Technology for Humans? As technology is leaping forward

As technology is leaping forward, new applications and gadgets are being developed every day. These devices bring convenience and comfort to our daily lives. Virtual Reality is perhaps the most beneficial technology for humans. It is a perfect technology for us to live according to our imagination. Advantages of VR Virtual reality comes with a lot of benefits. There are a lot of real-life applications for this technology. VR has revolutionized the way we shop

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What are the Security Challenges the Internet of Things could face in the Future? Internet of things or IoT is a trending technology of this digital era, connecting everything to the internet.

Internet of things or IoT is a trending technology of this digital era, connecting everything to the internet. This technology is responsible for smart cities, smart homes, and self-driving cars. The number of IoT devices is increasing rapidly. According to some analysis, there will be almost 26 billion devices connected to the internet by 2020. While IoT devices close the communication gap and save time and money and have various other benefits, it also has

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How Artificial Intelligence is Influencing Digital Marketing? It has been quite a while since the introduction of Artificial Intelligence.

At first, there were many conspiracy theories about AI and how robots are going to overtake the world. But these rumors are dead now and people are using AI in their daily life. AI is part of everything these days. Smart Kitchens, smart locks, smartphones, smart TVs are some of the distinctive examples of the uses of AI. One of the biggest benefits of using Artificial Intelligence is that it gives you the personal experience